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Wooden play food will provide years of fun.

Choosing the Best Toys for a Toddler

Buying toys for toddlers should be simple…but it’s not! It’s minefield and a trip to any decently sized toy shop will only confirm this. Shelf after shelf of toys for children of all ages and there’s just too much choice! How do you begin? You’ll notice that toy shops separate […]

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Eating Well as a Vegetarian Family

Eating Well as a Vegetarian Family

Vegetarianism is on the rise; with more and more people worrying about the long term health effects of too much red meat, some families are if not giving up meat, drastically cutting it down. Another reason for this trend is undoubtedly the fact that meat is very expensive and people […]

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How to Make a Plaited Rag Rug

How to Make a Plaited Rag Rug

Making the most out of materials which you have lying around in your home can be a fabulous way to update a room and to indulge in a relaxing and productive activity. An old fashioned rag rug can add a real splash of colour to any room in your home […]

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Country walks are free and a great way to get fit together.

How to Get your Family Active on a Budget

Getting exercise is important but many busy families find it difficult to find the time. Gym memberships are expensive and many are not child-friendly. The common complaint is that children stop adults from exercising as they can’t keep up or they don’t all enjoy the same activities. The key here […]

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Puppies can be destructive if they do not receive regular exercise.

Is a Dog or Cat the Right Pet for You?

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a pet for your family or not, there are some pretty tricky issues to consider before you dash off to the pet shop! Pets of all kinds are attractive to children and adults alike; the thought of a cute and fluffy kitten […]

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Home Improvement

Bright china pieces make an eye catching display.

How to Create a Broken China Mosaic

Creating beautiful pieces of art for your garden is not as difficult as you may think. If you are the type of person who enjoys the quirky and the handmade, then creating your own garden art could be the perfect way for you to enjoy original handmade pieces of art […]

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Plants can add a magical element to any room.

Turning a House into a Home on a Budget

A tight budget need not mean that your home lacks charm. You don’t need fabulously expensive furniture and fittings to create an environment which draws people to it. What you do need is a little ingenuity and some imagination. Perhaps the most important details in a home are the small touches, the […]

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All children have a huge amount of potential whether they are on the Spectrum or not.

Is your Child on the Spectrum?

Having worries and concerns about a child is something which all parents go through regularly. Are they happy? Are they healthy? Are they developing in line with other children of their age? The problems begin when worries turn into fears and sometimes, the fears may be held with good reason. […]

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Making lunches fun will encourage children to try unfamiliar foods!

How to Help your Child to Eat a Healthy Diet

Including a good mixture of all appropriate foods in your child’s diet is a must…but many parents struggle when it comes to the items which children don’t take to so easily…yes, I’m talking vegetables! Many younger children struggle when it comes to eating their greens and this is partly to […]

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Stickers or decals can add charm to a plain wall.

How to Create a Beautiful Nursery

When a new arrival is imminent, most parents to be start thinking about the nursery. The nursery is an important part of your babies life and can be a beautiful addition to your home. Thinking about what style you would like for your child’s nursery is part of the fun […]

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